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The Hosted Payment Page is here to show your customer you care about their security - Choose the right template that fits your site and allow them to transact with ease.




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Your Overview

Your Overview

When you first log in, you will be able to see what is really important to you, from notifications to processing status and quick access to transactions.

Your Merchants

Your Transactions

Manage your transactions, learn about their status, refund and generate the reports you need to control your business.

Your Merchants

Your Customers

Your Products

Manage your customer onboarding process along with the KYC collected for each customer, our API will give you the tools to create and update Customers.

Processing documentation

To learn more on how you can integrate to our platform and leverage the different types of payment method visit our documentation.

Check out our API

Webservices documentation

Our Webservices will enable you to build your own online shop or mobile application, visit our documentation and learn more about the different services.

Check out our Webservices

SDK documentation

To allow you to take advantage of our webservices quicker we have built our SDK to simplify the integration process for you, check out the documentation to learn more.

Check out our SDK

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